Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Warning issued over donor funding in Health in PNG

PUBLIC Health executive manager Dr Subauk Vivaldo Bieb says PNG is in danger of losing the confidence of donor partners in terms of funding.
“PNG has to be proud that the Government pays for all their medical drugs,” he said.
“Not all countries in the developing world are doing what PNG is doing.
“However, this very good situation is in extreme danger because of lack of funding.”
Bieb said even though the Government had funds allocated for drugs, the Health Department was having difficulty getting the exact amount needed to purchase medicines.
“It has adverse implications from the point of view that some of our external partners who are assisting us in fighting diseases expect that as part of the agreement for them to work with us to address these issues, the government must maintain or pay a certain percentage for drugs and all the services,” he said.
“But we are in danger of losing that confidence from our partners in these areas because of this situation.
“We may not be able to procure enough drugs for malaria for example as we made the commitment to do.
“The reality for us in the health sector now is that we know what we want and we’ve made that known to Government.
“What we are getting is not equal to what we actually asked for to maintain basic requirements for our people.
“We are hoping the situation will improve to ensure that service delivery goes to the people.”