Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Service delivery concerns for PNG Health Department

THE Health Department admits it is struggling to deliver services to the people because of the financial situation it faces at the moment.
Public Health executive manager Dr Subauk Vivaldo Bieb told The National on Monday that as public servants, health workers wanted to fulfil what the Government wanted but their hands had been tied because of the financial situation.
“We want support from the Government,” Bieb said
“What we are saying is that we know what we want to do. We know exactly how much it will take to deliver to our people but we are at the risk now of not being able to meet the expectations of our people because of the financial situation.
“Most often a sledge hammer is used to bang our heads because we are not delivering. A lot of times it’s because of situations outside of our control.”
He said one example was the shortage of anti-malarial drugs that needed urgent response.
“We do have a desire, we do have plans in place and they are costly. We know we want to do that but we can’t because the resources that we have at our disposal to implement those is not enough.”