Kundiawa General Hospital

 Kundiawa General Hospital, also known as the Sir Joseph Nombri Kundiawa Memorial Hospital, is considered a leading medical facility in Papua New Guinea. Located in Kundiawa town, Simbu Province, it serves the needs of the Highlands region. The hospital boasts a clean and organized environment, fostering a sense of hope and healing for patients.

Kundiawa General Hospital offers a wide range of medical services including adult and children's outpatient care, a fully equipped emergency department, and specialist consultations. Specialist clinics cover internal medicine, surgery, child health, maternal health, and more. Additionally, the hospital provides dedicated services for sexual and reproductive health, family support, eye care, and dentistry.

Although some services, like the ENT clinic, may be temporarily unavailable, Kundiawa General Hospital remains a vital healthcare institution in the region.

Beyond its outpatient and specialist clinics, Kundiawa General Hospital is well-equipped to handle inpatient care.  This includes a dedicated ward for critically ill patients, a general internal medicine ward, and others. The hospital also boasts surgical and anesthetic services with both minor and major operating theaters to handle a variety of procedures.

To support these services, Kundiawa General Hospital offers a range of diagnostic and clinical support services. Their radiology department provides essential x-rays, while their pathology department conducts basic tests.  The hospital also maintains a mortuary and a civil registry to serve the community. While the availability of specific services may change, Kundiawa General Hospital remains a comprehensive healthcare facility committed to serving the needs of the Simbu Province and surrounding areas.

Contact Address 

P 0 Box 346 Kundiawa, Chimbu Province

Papua New Guinea

Phone: 7351036/7351229/

Fax: 7351066/7351201


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