PNG's SILAG Management Spearheads Health Awareness Initiative

In a proactive move aimed at promoting health and well-being among its staff and students, the Somare Institute of Leadership and Governance (SILAG) recently organized a comprehensive "Health Talk" session in collaboration with the NCD Provincial Health Authority and the Port Moresby General Hospital.

The session, which focused on raising awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), provided vital insights into the most common diseases, their symptoms, and emphasized the importance of seeking timely medical assistance. With STDs increasingly affecting both the younger generation and senior individuals, the initiative aimed to combat the stigma and ignorance surrounding these diseases.

Sr. Eileen Thomas, representing the St. Therese Clinic at Hohola, commended SILAG management for facilitating this crucial dialogue. She underscored the significance of addressing STDs, particularly among senior public servants studying at SILAG, and emphasized the need for proactive health measures.

"Your health is your number one priority," Sr. Thomas emphasized, urging individuals not to neglect their well-being due to busy schedules. With the clinic witnessing a concerning influx of STD cases daily, Sr. Thomas highlighted the urgent need for awareness and preventative measures to curb the spread of these infections, which can escalate to life-threatening conditions like cancer.

Encouraging female staff and students to prioritize regular check-ups and pap smear tests for early detection of cervical cancer, Sr. Thomas stressed the importance of proactive health management.

The initiative was facilitated by Ms. Shirly Michael, SILAG's Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) officer. With the support of SILAG management, Ms. Michael has been instrumental in organizing various activities geared towards promoting health awareness among staff and students.

In line with their commitment to employee well-being, SILAG CEO, Mr. Michael Barobe, recently announced on National Women’s Day that all female staff are mandated to undergo comprehensive medical checks at the SILAG Clinic on campus, reaffirming the institute's dedication to fostering a culture of proactive health management.

With two more Health Talk sessions slated for the year's end, SILAG continues to prioritize the health and welfare of its community, setting a precedent for proactive health initiatives within educational institutions.

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