Construction Set to Begin on State-of-the-Art PNG Centre for Eye Health

 Construction of the PNG Centre for Eye Health (CfEH) is scheduled to start late this year and be completed in early 2026, according to an official statement. Programme director for the Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand Peter Raynes shared details about the center's design and functionality.

Raynes outlined the layout of the facility, indicating that it will have two floors. The ground floor will be dedicated to clinical services, featuring various consultation and diagnostic rooms, surgical facilities, and teaching capabilities. Meanwhile, the upper floor will serve as a training area, equipped with classrooms, labs, libraries, and meeting spaces.

The centre aims to address eye health issues in collaboration with various stakeholders, including the Health Department, Port Moresby General Hospital, University of PNG’s School of Medical and Health Sciences, and the PNG National Prevention of Blindness Committee. Raynes emphasized the importance of quality training for medical professionals, which will be provided through UPNG’s medical school.

In addition to providing direct eye care services to the local population, the centre will support outreach efforts to rural provinces and offer specialized services such as diabetic retinopathy clinics and pediatric ophthalmology. It will also facilitate the development of regional eye health centers, support eye health research, and advocate for strengthening national eye health systems.

Furthermore, the centre will collaborate with provincial health authorities to enhance eye care services across all provinces, particularly in marginalized and remote communities. This will involve training eye care specialists and supporting existing healthcare professionals.

Overall, the PNG Centre for Eye Health aims to be a state-of-the-art facility, focusing on providing comprehensive eye care services, training the next generation of eye care professionals, and improving eye health outcomes across Papua New Guinea.

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