Special Care Nursery at PNG's Port Moresby General Hospital Graced with Vital Newborn Care Kits from UNICEF

 In a heartening development for newborn healthcare in Papua New Guinea, the Special Care Nursery at Port Moresby General Hospital was the recipient of a significant donation from UNICEF. Six boxes brimming with essential newborn care kits, including an array of medical equipment, were presented to the hospital in a special ceremony held on Friday, April 5th.

The donation comprised a comprehensive assortment of vital medical tools aimed at bolstering neonatal care services. Among the items generously provided were 3 doppler fetal heart detectors, 9 resuscitators, neonate sets, 3 electrical baby scales, 6 drip stands, 9 bulb suction reusables, 30 tape measures, and 20 thermometers.

Special Care Nursery at PNG's Port Moresby General Hospital Graced with Vital Newborn Care Kits from UNICEF [Photo by POMGEN]

Further enriching the hospital's resources, various critical medical equipment vital for newborn care were also included in the donation. These encompassed 10 pulse oximeters, 15 neonatal stethoscopes, 3 warmer system newborn radiant setups with accessories, 2 ventilators, 2 phototherapy units with accessories, 4 bubble CPAP machines, and 2 portable ultrasound scanning systems, including cardiology modules, along with 2 Sony digital printers.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Sobi underscored the importance of collaborative efforts with partners and stakeholders, emphasizing, "Through collaboration with partners and stakeholders, we can drive and improve our health indicators in this country." He stressed the necessity for collective action, asserting that the government alone cannot accomplish the formidable task of enhancing healthcare outcomes.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of UNICEF, Chief of Health, Dr. Satish Gupta, highlighted the collaborative initiatives undertaken with the National Department of Health to fortify neonatal services across the country. He emphasized the critical nature of the initial days in a newborn's life and the pivotal role played by quality care services in reducing neonatal mortality rates.

Dr. Osborne Liko, Secretary for Health, acknowledged the indispensable contributions of all partners and stakeholders in advancing neonatal care. He outlined ongoing efforts to enhance the capacity of healthcare facilities, particularly in managing complications associated with premature births, underscoring the significance of upgrading infrastructure and equipping healthcare workers with the requisite skills.

Furthermore, Dr. Liko emphasized the vital role played by the newborn care kits in furnishing primary healthcare facilities across all 22 provinces, thereby supporting newborn deliveries and ensuring comprehensive care.

The collaborative endeavor between UNICEF, the National Department of Health, and other stakeholders stands as a testament to the collective commitment toward improving neonatal healthcare services, with the ultimate aim of fostering healthier futures for Papua New Guinea's youngest citizens.

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