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Alternative or additional treatment to PNG Government's AstraZeneca vaccine

 Some doctors including me and some prominent PNGeans who were covid-19 positive have been put on ivermectin thanks to a very commited physician (name withheld) who has spend his own resource since March 2020 to finding an alternative drug when no  treatment is available and when vaccines to this was still in laboratories undergoing tests, he proposed few drugs including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as his top pick including a macrolide antibiotic. We all are reading and digesting each read, I support this doctor has done so far on his work on covid-19. 

Those covid-19 positive patients treated by this physician have their version of recovery. I am hearing very good recovery outcomes in the 24 hours of treatment with ivermectin. I had dengue fever, which was unbearable because of the static fever. Panadol did its bit but took a lot of water to dilute myself. After 14 days, I felt better, but I started experiencing some dry cough, and itchy throat. This was in the month of March, so I said to myself, it is the usual mild flu that I usually get this time around every year so it should be okay. Then, I experienced chest expansion and despite not experiencing shortness of breath, I realized my respiratory rate was not normal, I decided to do the covid-19 test and turned out to be positive. I quickly took three days of single dose consisting of azithromycin, dexametasone, aspirin and hydroxychloroquine. After two days, I felt abit better but I was concerned with the chest expansion. I then called this physician to bring me the Ivermectin. He brought me the 6 mg daily dosage for the 3 days course. The next day, the doctor called me to find out how I was, and I said to him that the chest expansion has disappeared and my breathing rate has returned to normal. This is my story from a covid-19 positive patient. 

Now that the vaccine is available by political decision, and righfully, PMJM and his government has said that the vaccine is voluntary and not compulsory, and the debate is that the vaccine is designed to alter the central processing unit (RNA/DNA/nuclear membrane and there might be a backflip/backfire on the long run, and it will have its course, and it might not work on the mutated strain, etc.

Right now, in the global pandamic, emergency clearance has been given and there are 6 or so vaccines available worldwide. From PNG Medical Advice, PMJM and his Government chose AstraZeneca Vaccine. I salute the health workers that have forth to get vaccine amist so many talks on the current vaccines available on covid-19.

Very soon, the world will know of THE Vaccine and Drug on COVID-19.

In the meantime, the government decision is AstraZeneca vaccine is voluntary and not compulsory.  The choice is an individual one. And also, vaccinating health workers alone will not have create a herd immunity in the community. And, in the meantime, why don't we support this physician who is a government employee and let him bring his findings to MESAC, Department of Health and the government so that his findings can be  implemented nationwide whilst waiting for a definitive antiviral drug and vaccine that the world will have sooner or later. Why am I saying this?, people with comorbidities with positive covid-19 will die in numbers while a very few without comorbidities with positive covid-19 will die. Old age is a morbidity factor too. This truth will remain. 

Whilst being vaccinated, you will still need to follow the Controller's Message on Covid-19 guidelines until a herd immunity is reached perhaps. Covid-19 has joined the flu viruses in our community in November of 2019, it is here to stay, and in the next flu season, Covid-19 positive cases will still increase. 

Therefore, let us not wait and get this call to the Department of Health and PMJM and his government.

Helping this government to include the findings of this physician's works and his treatment implementation outcomes to patients so far and rolling it out for the country's implementation will help the government to grow and kick start the economy than allowing the fear-mongering covid-19 to be victorious whilst destroying us. Normalcy must not wait. 

Thank you.

Dr. James Naipao

National Doctors Association President

Consultant Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgeon. 

Positive Covid-19. Twice positive. Negative the third time. Flu season will remain, might become positive again. Might become positive in the years to come again. 

Now - temporarily vaccinated from this infection.


All rules of isolation and Covid-19 guidelines have been followed.


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