Expatriate Medical Doctor Leaves PNG's Enga Province after decades of dedicated Service

By Mortimer Yangharr, in Wabag, Enga Province : FM 100 

A local educated elite of the Kompiam government station in the Kompiam Ambum Open Electorate has solemnly acknowledged the tireless efforts of Dr.David Mills for bringing in much needed development and service during the past 24 years of his stay in the district. 

Myles Maru told FM 100/ HOT 97 FM NEWS that the Australian medical doctor first arrived in Kompiam with his beautiful wife back in the late 90's. 

Dr.David Mills and his family [photo by FM 1000]

Dr.Mills was the Medical Superintendent for the Kompiam Baptist Hospital since then.

"Here they lived, had their kids, served the people of Kompiam. He was truly a savior that stood firm to serve without fear or favor, " expressed an emotional Maru.

Maru solemnly acknowledged that there were times when tribal warfare surrounded the Kompiam Government Station, with no police presence, Dr.Mills never left in fear, he served both in and outside of the hospital. 

"He was a good peace negotiator who stood out of his area of operation and paved way for peace in the surrounding communities," Maru said.

Maru said that Dr.Mills nurtured the run-down hospital up and also built several other aid posts in other remote parts of the district which are now operational.

Maru praised the tireless efforts of this missionary medical doctor who brought in life saving medical equipments that are never found in many other urban hospitals and this has saved lives of many patients who came in from as far as Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands Province, Southern Highlands and the neighboring East Sepik Province and Madang Province.

"He created job opportunities for many, thus increasing cash flow in the district headquarters where no other public servants are present due to tribal warfare and political warfare," Maru said.

Maru revealed that Dr.Mills wasn't only a medical doctor but a driver, transporting medical supplies and  building materials into the hospital from Lae, Mt Hagen and Wabag by road when local drivers' safety were never guaranteed due to tribal issues along the Kompiam-Wabag roadlink. 

"He stood in as an architect to design many new buildings in the hospital, including those that have been erected in the most remotest parts of Kompiam situated in the borders of the East Sepik Province where he utilized the air services of the Missorary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) for equipment and material transportation," Maru said.

"When it came to community obligations, this guy fits in well. I can still remember the time when he came in the Engan traditional way to show sympathy on my late mom's funeral. I can also remember those days of fun, he was a good soccer player and coach," recalls Maru.

Maru is a professional Human Resource consultant and a local resident  of the Kompiam rural airstrip and the Kompiam government station where the Kompiam Baptist Hospital is situated and spent many of his childhood and teenage years growing up with Dr.Mills and his family.

Maru's father owns the renowned Kompiam Lodge which has been supporting Dr.Mills by providing accommodation for expatriate visitors who come to aid Dr.Mills in his medical missionary work in the remotest parts of the district.

FM 100 / PNG Health News

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