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Dengue Outbreak in Central Province

By Christine KILDI / PNGFM

Manager for the Rita Flynn Isolation Facility, Dr Gary Nou revealed today that there is Dengue Outbreak in the Central province.

For the last two weeks, the Children’s outpatient at the Port Moresby General hospital has seen 40 cases of Dengue so far from the Central province.

“There is a fever outbreak at Moreguina and Kupiano which has now seen cases at Aroma as well”

“With the lack of health facilities in Abau, there will be presenting to Port Moresby to seek help and they will bring dengue to the city”

Dr Nou is calling on everyone from Central province and NCD to keep their homes clean in order to prevent dengue.

“Empty all the stagnant water around your house and if you can’t empty them, you can add oil to them and apply other processes to start killing dengue mosquitoes”

Dr Nou said it is a concern because everybody who has fever will think they have COVID-19 when it’s dengue.

“We need to have these preventive measures in place now, to avoid another outbreak in the country like we had it years ago”

Dr Nou who is also part of the NCD COVID-19 Taskforce has called up upon other stakeholders in the Taskforce to assist with the awareness message on how to prevent dengue.

The most common symptoms of dengue are;

• Fever

• Nausea/vomiting

• Rash

• Aches and pains (behind the eyes, muscle or joint pain)

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