Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Health adviser pushes for diabetes centre in East New Britain

THERE is a need for a diabetes health centre in East New Britain as the disease is prevalent there, provincial health adviser Nicholas Larme says.
He said lifestyle disease, particularly diabetes, seemed to be increasing and with the tourism industry growing, the provincial government and its administration should “consider promoting health tourism”.
He said the National Capital District was known for having health facilities to take on heart patients.
“Other provinces may be known for having specialised health facilities. East New Britain should have a diabetes health facility to meet the growing number of diabetes patients in the province and in the country,” he said.
Larme said establishing a diabetes health facility in ENB would attract diabetes patients and their families.
New Guinea Islands Historical Society spokesman Gideon Kakabin, in support of Larme’s suggestion, said the province was known for herbal remedies.