Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ENB sees rising number of leprosy cases: Health officer

EAST New Britain is now considered a leprosy-burdened province along with four other others.
High numbers of leprosy cases have been reported from the areas including National Capital District, Central, Gulf and Western.
Disease control officer at Nonga General Hospital, Dr Alex Maha, said ENB recently gained the high-burden group but reasons for the increase were still not known.
Maha said leprosy was previously eradicated in the country, but not completely eliminated.
He said the re-emergence of the disease was attributed to poor reporting system due to many health officers today being not aware of the disease, its symptoms and general appearance.
Due to this, many early cases were left until they got to the point where a person became disabled.
Hot spots for leprosy in the province include Vunapaka and Rapolo.
Leprosy Mission PNG helps with treatment and awareness and training were undertaken.
Family health officer with the provincial health division, Elsie Buka, said Leprosy Mission PNG in partnership with the Health Department was preparing staff in-service at health facilities on leprosy.