Friday, November 15, 2013

Leadership key to fight diseases in Papua New Guinea

INTERNATIONAL singer and humanitarian campaigner, Mampi helped launch the National AIDS Council’s red and white ribbon campaign in Port Moresby yesterday.
Mampi, whose real name is Mirriam Mukape, hails from Lusaka, in Zambia.
She gained international fame with her Walilowelela song.
She is in the country for five days and is associated with humanitarian work. She will perform live at the Cosmopolitan Club at Vision City.
NAC launched its campaign in the lead-up to World AIDS Day with the theme, “Stop gender-based violence, reduce HIV”.
Mampi comes from a country that has a 17% prevalent rate of HIV/AIDS, which is about  the same as Papua New Guinea’s.
Mampi said leadership was the key to the fight against HIV/AIDS.
“By leadership I mean you and me,” Mampi said.
“Although we need a lot of advocating by parliamentarians, pastors and leaders in other areas, leadership should start with us.
“An individual taking a leadership role and dealing with the issue will go a long way in helping change the mindset of people towards HIV/AIDS.”
Mampi said there was a strong link between gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.
“Women are always victims of contracting the disease through violence from men.
“Intimidated through violence to have sex without their consent, puts them at a great risk.”