Friday, November 15, 2013

Diabetes is lifestyle disease in Papua New Guinea

THE Diabetes Association of Papua New Guinea conducted free tests yesterday to mark World Diabetes Day. 
The free tests were conducted in Port Moresby by doctors and nurses from National Capital District health office and City Pharmacy.
Association interim president Joan Timothy said diabetes was a lifestyle disease determined by what people eat.
“Nowadays people who work go for fast foods,” Timothy said.
“Fat and sugar stored cannot be burnt due to lack of exercise that leads to diabetes. 
“Eat garden food because it has more fibre, less sugar and it will not make you fat. 
“Our dream is to take diabetes awareness to every part of the country. 
“Port Moresby is the only city commemorating diabetes day today.”
Out of the 143 people who turned up for diabetes tests, 11 were diagnosed with high blood pressure and referred to medical officers. 
Eight of those people had high sugar level. 
A walk to raise awareness on diabetes will take place tomorrow at Jack Pidik Park, 5-Mile.