K92 Mining Ltd. Commits to Empowering Women and Promoting Health in Papua New Guinea

K92 Mining Ltd. has reaffirmed its dedication to sustainable development, emphasizing the crucial role of women, including those caring for families, in global progress. Through its Women-in-Mining Program, K92 Mining has empowered 44 women from the villages of Bilimoia, Unantu, Pomasi, and Sakimaniap with valuable tailoring skills. The company provided sewing machines to these women, who are now using their new skills to uplift their communities.

 K92 Mining Ltd. Commits to Empowering Women and Promoting Health in Papua New Guinea [Photo credit : K92 Mining Ltd]

The program extends beyond economic empowerment to include preventative healthcare initiatives. It focuses on raising awareness about breast cancer, tuberculosis, typhoid, and domestic violence. A dedicated team, including trained nurses, is actively involved in promoting early detection and prevention of these health issues. Additionally, the program includes educational efforts on AIDS/HIV, aiming to foster awareness and positive change within schools and the broader community.

In recognition of its impactful work, K92 Mining received the “Outstanding Community Humanitarian Initiative” award at the 17th Papua New Guinea Resources and Energy Investment Conference in Sydney last year.

Reflecting on the initiative, CEO John Lewins stated, “In a male-dominated industry such as ours, we need to remember that every woman is a mother, daughter, wife, or sister, and each faces significant challenges in everyday life. The challenges faced by women across the country require collective action. We hope that our work at K92 Mining and the efforts of many other organizations throughout the country serve as an inspiration for similar endeavors nationwide.”

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