PNG National medical symposium focuses on cancer

 MEDICAL Society of Papua New Guinea Professor Nakapi Tefuarani says the 57th Medical Symposium aims to find a pathway to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer in the country.

“It is about a holistic approach to cancer services,” Prof Tefuarani said.

“If we know the cancers in adults, if we know the cancers women, in children, at the end of the symposium we will be able to put a document together of how we can manage the nature of cancer in this country.”

Prof Tefuarani, who is also the chairman of the society, said cancers of breast, cervix and mouth were the most common in PNG.

He said according to global reports, oral cancer was number three cause of death.

He said the symposium would look at how to reduce the cancer and the type of standards and measurements to be used.

“As we all know, prevention is better than cure,” he said.

Prof Tefuarani said the Health Department and all relevant agencies had to work to effectively address the types and rate of cancers and treatment in the country.

He said early detection of cancer was crucial in the success of treatment paths.

“We must find them before they advance,” he said.

“It is about finding a cancer as early as possible, the better the survival rates.”

Prof Tefuarani said the society started its first symposium 1965 in Eastern Highlands which was 59 years ago but missed 2021 and last year’s editions because of Corona virus restrictions.

He said the society had seen many changes from the previous symposium and hope to do the same cancer.

The symposium was officially opened on Sunday and will run through the week.

More than 100 national and international health professionals have attended the second day of the symposium held in Port Moresby.

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