Doctor Lin Calvert passes on after serving PNG for more than 64 years

 DOCTOR Lin Calvert has passed on after serving Papua New Guinea for more than 64 years. She will be remembered as a devoted practitioner and a service provider to the people of Gulf’s Kapuna following her peaceful passing on Tuesday.

Her remarkable legacy spans more than 64 years of tireless commitment to PNG, serving the nation until her retirement in 2007.

Her profound impact was continued by her daughter Dr Valerie Archer, who carried forward the mantle of what was then Kapuna Rural Hospital to the Calvert Memorial Hospital in the remote swampland of Gulf.

Prime Minister James Marape, while extending his deepest condolence on behalf of PNG to her family, said: “Her gentle spirit and unwavering commitment to others made her a true angel among us.

“Her life exemplified selfless service, embodying the very essence of Christian values. Leaving behind her birthplace and family, she embraced PNG as her own, becoming an integral part of Gulf’s extended family.

“I had the honour of spending a weekend in 2021 with Dr Calvert at Kapuna, witnessing firsthand her unyielding dedication.

“She stands as a beacon of inspiration, a role model to emulate.

“Her legacy as a resident surgeon, gynaecologist, anaesthetist, and paediatrician, spanning over six decades of service, enriches the fabric of Gulf’s health sector.”

Dr Calvert (also known “Bubu Mei”), originally from New Zealand, relocated to Kapuna in 1954 with her late husband Dr Peter Calvert.

In 1970, the couple established the Kapuna School of Nursing.

Her husband became its principal.

Before her passing, Dr Lin Calvert made a wish that she’d be buried next to her husband where everything began in Kapuna.

The Calverts’ legacy will continue to shine.


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