PNG's Port Moresby Hospital's blood bank in dire need of blood donation

Papua New Guinea's  Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) blood bank is in dire need of blood and is requesting for volunteers to donate.

Blood transfusion committee chairman Dr Carl Kingston said the demand for blood was very high at the hospital, however, the supply was low.

“When there is not enough blood at the hospital, the effects on patient care will be terrible,” he said.

“There are patients in the wards that depend on blood transfusion for survival.

“Every day mothers are giving birth at the labour ward.

“There are operations going on daily.

“On top of all that, we have high number of trauma cases at the emergency department.

“The need for blood is always there but the number of our donors is dropping.

“Looking at the current stock and what we expect, there is a shortage of blood at the blood bank.

‘Therefore, I would like to encourage every healthy individual out there to come over to the hospital and donate blood.”

Kingston said the Sir Brian Bell Centre for transfusion medicine is always open to the public for donation.

He said one does not need to have a relative or friend admitted at the hospital to donate blood.

A mini-medical check would be conducted for the person donating.

He added that some people do not even know they had medical conditions until they went to donate blood.

In a year, about 27,000 blood bags would be needed but according to records only 37 per cent were donated.

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