PNGs' Port Moresby General Hospital faces critical shortage of medical drugs and consumables


The Papua New Guinea's largest referral hospital, the Port Moresby General Hospital is once again facing a critical shortage of medical drugs and consumables - severely affecting its service delivery.

Port Moresby General Hospital Head of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Professor Glen Mola in a post online, say their jobs have become more "challenging because of shortages of essential medicines, disposables and equipment on a daily basis.

Professor Mola says this past week, they've run out of the standard IV fluid for resuscitation of our patients, Cidex which is used to sterilize equipment in the labour ward and operating theatre, so they are now resorting to just washing and drying our equipment. 

There's a lack of necessary laboratory reagents to do blood tests, and on a regular basis - they often don't have access to important and life-saving drugs on a regular basis. 

He says, presently in his department - they don't have the drug we need to stop serious gynecological haemorrhage in women.

  Professor Mola, says Hospital management is doing its best to assist them, but often fall short due to a shortage of funds. 

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Dr. Paki Molumi has confirmed this morning to NBC News that there is an ongoing chronic shortage of drugs and consumables at the Area Medical Store in Badili which is affecting their operations.

He says AMS only supplies one-third of catalogue drugs and consumables required by PMGH while the 70%  shortfall is purchased by the Hospital  - which is supposed to be provided by the Health Department.

Dr. Molumi says this chronic shortage needs to be immediately addressed by the Department.

NBC News is seeking comments from Health Minister Jelta Wong and Secretary Dr. Osborne Liko.

Source: NBC News

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