Papua New Guinea Public Servants told to get vaccinated

 Public servants are encouraged to be vaccinated amid the soaring Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the country.

Ivan Pomaleu, secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office and National Executive Council, in a circular said: “Vaccines are free and available; taking the vaccine is an act of free will and free choice, but in keeping with the need to keep important government services functioning and the need to keep the economy active, we consider it important to encourage public servants to take the vaccines.”

“If you do not wish to be vaccinated, we would encourage that you continue to observe all the Niupla Pasin Covid-19 protocols, including all directives that are issued from the controller’s office from time to time, but that you refrain from discouraging someone else from exercising his or her rights to be vaccinated.”

Pomaleu said there would be sites at the convenience of public servants in Port Moresby.

“All heads of departments, provinces and agencies are also encouraged to make specific arrangements to bring vaccination teams to your offices to provide an opportunity for your staff to be vaccinated,” he said.

“You may also go to any clinic or health facility to inquire and get the vaccines; in the provinces, your provincial health authorities will be able to advise you on where to go and receive those vaccines.

“It is important that we now make a call for the bureaucracy and the public service to take the lead by getting vaccinated in order to protect yourself, our co-workers and your families as well.”

Source: The National

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