Madang Provincial Hospital Records Two Delta Variant Cases

 The Madang Provincial Hospital recorded two Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant cases yesterday, when the Covid-19 isolation ward was full, and oxygen running out quickly.

Madang provincial health authority acting public health director Dr Martin Damien said within two weeks, eight people died of the Covid-19.

All were not vaccinated.

Yesterday, the 12-bed isolation ward was full.

Eight patients were in the outpatient ward waiting for beds.

“The hospital is seeing an increase in the number of cases every day,” Dr Damien said. “Usino Bundi, especially the Ramu Sugar area, is having another surge now (two of the deaths from there).

“Oxygen is fast running out every day.”

Dr Damien said Madang lacked the capacity to deal with any Covid-19 surge. “Vaccination is the only way to stop a surge,” he said.

Dr Damien urged people to get the vaccine.

He said all districts in Madang were supplied with the Covid-19 vaccine which was available in:

BOGIA – Bogia and Malala;

MADANG – Provincial Hospital, Jomba Clinic and Sek HC;

RAI Coast – Saidor, Ileg and Teptep;

SUMKAR – Gaubin, Mugil and Miak;

USINO Bundi – Walium, Sausi and Gusap.

Source: The National/One PNG News

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