PNG had the best strategy on COVID-19 Response: Dapeng

Papua New Guinea had the best strategy on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) response, says World Health Organisation Representative Dr Duo Dapeng.

This is Dr Dapeng's farewell message he delivered at the National Control Centre inter-agency meeting this morning.

“We had the best strategy, but only in recent weeks that the situation has changed and we are now seeing many cases every day. We have to employ nonpharmaceutical interventions we had in the beginning,'' he said. 

He urged the response team to be aggressive , including continuing to see and talk to the leadership to see what is happening.

Dr Dapeng first came to PNG in June 2007 to work with the malaria program and over the years worked and provided support in  other disease prevention and control programs, including the campaigns against measles and polio held two years ago. 

He said despite criticisms from the people these campaigns were a success and believe the same will be done  in the response to COVID-19.

"We must learn from what we do and should not panic,'' he said. 

WHO under his leadership was also instrumental in the response to COVID-19.

#Farewell Dr Dapeng and thank you for your support and leadership in addressing health challenges in PNG

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