Sex, alcohol-related violence draining hospital resources, says Doctor

MORE cases of sex-related violence and alcohol-related violence are putting a strain on hospital resources, according to Dr Paki Polumi.
The Port Moresby General Hospital chief executive officer said the cost was mounting and affecting resources to sustain other wards and associated professional expenses.
He said the cases increased on Fridays and Saturdays, stressing capacity and putting doctors and staff under pressure.
“When you go to our emergency ward on Fridays and Saturdays, there is blood all over the floor,” he said.
“All our doctors are stressed out. How can they serve all of them?”
Polumi said 90 per cent of the cases were alcohol related.
“So where does that lead us to? The hospital is supposed to be serving patients with malaria or other diseases.
“We waste all our resources. Money is eaten up by patients who are victims of violence,” he said.
He was told by the hospital’s social work unit that the sexual violence cases against children, women and girls were high.
Polumi was speaking at the end of the weekly Walk and Yoga for Life programme at the Paga Hill Ring Road last weekend.
Hundreds of Port Moresby residents took to the streets in red for the walk against violence last weekend.
The walk and yoga for life programme is to increase awareness on violence against women and girls in the city.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop said city hall was committed to making the city safe for women and girls.
“This month, we are focused on violence against women and girls.
“When the city is safer for women and girls, it is safe for everyone else,” he said.

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