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Cervical Cancer Vaccine Creator Supports NCD HPV Pilot Vaccination Program.

On a recent visit to Cancer Council Queensland, the Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation CEO Dadi Toka Jr and Programs Manager Priscillar Napoleon had the honor of meeting the 2006 Australian of the Year, Australian Immunologist and Creator of the Cervical Cancer vaccine also known as the Human PapilomaVirus (HPV) Vaccine, Professor Ian Fraser AC.
Professor Ian was very pleased to hear that the NCD pilot was finally being implemented. He expressed his support and assistance if required by PNG.
The HPV Vaccination program in NCD, which began at the beginning of this month has so far administered the first dose of cervical cancer vaccine to over 8,000 girls with the second dose scheduled for 6months time.
The 2017 NCD HPV Pilot Vaccination program is supported by Rotary International, Rotary Club of Boroko, the Department of Health, the Department of Education, NCD Health Services, US Embassy, PNG Cancer Foundation, WHO and UNICEF. PNG Cancer Foundation
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