Sunday, March 12, 2017

Safe guarding your health : Effects of taking Soft drinks

While soft drinks are easily purchased on every street in the Port Moresby city not many people are aware of the effects of drinking this much loved drink.

These sweet drinks are the cause of dental decay, infertility and sores just to name a few.

Dental Decay
Yes its true soft drinks are acidic and yes it does erode enamel. If taken on a regular basis the acid found in these sweet drinks has dissolving agents that will eat the enamel found in teeth away.

2. Infertility
Yes soft drinks can cause infertility. The chemical called BPA found in a all soft drinks is a toxin that is currently causing obesity, infertility, increased miscarriage, polycystic ovary and reproductive cancers.

3. Lesions or Sores
It’s true that soft drinks do cause nasty skin lesions, memory loss, nerve disorders and lack of muscle coordination.

So for all you soft drink lovers it’s time to get off this energy roller coasters and try a soft drink free life!

With today’s increase in lifestyle diseases, safe guarding your health is of paramount importance. Source: Post Courier