Thursday, March 9, 2017

PNG has no money to address cancer

THE government should put its resources where its mouth is given the current situation faced at the National Cancer Centre in Lae.

Recently the Health Minister Michael Malabag in a page media statement said cancer treatment and support in PNG is now a priority for the government and the department of Health.

And while the Health Department and the cancer management has the road maps to holistically address the growing needs of cancer patients and treatment in PNG, the bleak reality is where is the money to make it happen?

George Otto, the cancer centre manager, said yesterday when refuting a statement on the cancer service issue by Elias Kapavore the chairman of the special parliamentary committee on public sector reform and service delivery.

He said Mr Kapavore’s claims were factually incorrect.

Mr Otto said the statement was destructive and Mr Kapavore and his committee should be helping and not pointing fingers.

He stressed that cancer has no funding, adding that the cancer management had the action plan in place for K16.2 million to effectively administer the service annually.

Mr Malabag had stated that the National Cancer Plan estimate K15 million costs a year was necessary to provide services to cancer patients. Post Courier