Thursday, October 27, 2016

NCD supports fight against TB

HEALTH Department plans to shift some of it responsibilities to National Capital District health services in preparation for the city’s Provincial Health Authority status.

Minister Michael Malabag found the launch of the National Capital District five-year tuberculosis strategic plan 2016-20 an opportune time to make the announcement and praised NCD in its away forward with its plans to fight the dreaded disease.

The provincial health authority is a unified health system that oversees management of health services.

Currently the NCD health services come under the Health Department but under the provincial health authority arrangement, all NCD urban clinics would be transferred to the NCD health services with the new Gerehu Hospital as the flagship of the authority.

Mr Malabag called for close collaboration with partners and public to fight TB because according to World Bank, loss of productivity attributed to TB was 4 to 7 per cent of some of GDP.

“Studies have shown that there is a strong association between high TB incidences and low gross national per capital income,” he said.

He said that distinguished labour capacity leaves little room for economic growth and GDP expansion that a low middle-income country such as PNG so desperately needed.

He agreed that cost of TB is a huge challenge.

This is because the average cost of standard TB treatment is K75, the average cost of single multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) treatment is K16,000 and an average cost of single cost of Extreme Resistance drug TB (XDR-TB) is K44,250. Post Courier