Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Port Moresby General Hospital leading the way

What is proving to be success after success for Port Moresby General Hospital is translating into further performance improvements in all aspects of their operations.
Today, Monday 15th February, the PMGH CEO, Mr. Grant R. Muddle and the PMGH Financial Controller personally delivered the 2015 Financial Reports to the Auditor General’s Office.
Mr Gordon Kega, Acting Deputy Auditor General for Provincial and Local Level Governments and Ms Maggie Kuli, Acting Assistant Auditor General were both on hand to take delivery of the reports.
The Auditor General’s Office confirmed that PMGH was the first hospital in the country to deliver their 2015 financial report. The news became even a little sweeter when it was also commented, “PMGH was the first Government institution to provide its 2015 financial report to the Audit General’s Office.”
The PMGH CEO Mr. Grant R. Muddle made the following comments, “A hospital is not just about our medical professionals while they are exceptionally important, there is numerous other people at PMGH that get very little recognition. However, their contribution is equally important in ensuring PMGH is heading towards our “Better Heath” objectives. I would like to congratulate the PMGH Finance Team being lead by the Financial Control Mr. Gavera Bitu. His team are implementing new systems and streamlining all areas of our financial process. The value of correct, factual and timely financial reports is essential to ensure PMGH is on budget, investing correctly in new technology, and where additional cost savings can be made so funds can be directed by to our “Better Health” goals. The finance team, this month for the first time, will roll out an entirely online payroll system, with the connection of the biometrics in the coming weeks to further improve staff monitoring, wage processes and reporting overall. Our complete team at PMGH are exceptional motivated to succeed, and the finance department is no exception to this. They have an important role to play, and to be honest, they are setting the standard for delivery not only for the other hospitals across the country but the other Government departments. I am exceptionally proud of their performance and progress.”