Monday, November 4, 2013


Managing director of MRDC, Augustine Mano arrived in Moro on an Air Niugini charter flight with the company of member for Nipa Kutubu Jeffery Komal.
Shortly after the arrival, a group of waiting vehicles convoyed, heading for Paua an hours’ drive from the township of Moro.

A much larger crowd waited for the arrival of the visitors.

Mr. Mano told those present that the funding for this project was sourced from landowner benefits in the Kutubu Oil project and not from the government.

He further called on the people of Moran PDL5 to respect the law if they wanted to see more development.

MRDC manages 30 per cent of landowner benefits under a trust fund to deliver projects.

Mr. Mano said there is 80 million kina parked in the trust fund however there is so much infighting within registered landowner groups.

Due to this ongoing problem, projects were not delivered to the  affected areas that are supposed to be benefitting.