Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Goilala needs local teachers, health workers

GOILALA MP Daniel Mona has made an urgent appeal to Chirime health workers and teachers to return and rebuild their home with the support of their local MP and councillors.
He said it was difficult recruiting workers in this remote area and appealed to local health workers and teachers to return home. 
Mr Mona highlighted the importance of service delivery in the Woitape Local Level Government and requested the education adviser to advise on the status of the Goilala schools before the school year ends. 
He also requested for a present plan on how to recruit new graduate teachers and current Goilala teachers to return home and teach in their own villages.
Making a commitment to re-open three schools in the area early next year, Mr Mona said Goilala people had been denied education for so long because of petty politics between church agency school co-ordinators and government education co-ordinators.
He called on the provincial education authorities and the catholic education office to re-open the schools immediately. 
He made it clear that a failure to re-open these schools would result in people being sacked, both in the provincial and district education offices.
“The O’Neill-Dion Government has put forward funds for the schools to be operational; those held responsible for the blockages will be reprimanded,” the first term MP said. 
“I will not see the same mistakes that I see now be repeated next year.”
Mr Mona is requesting elementary teaching training be conducted between December and January and the schools to be re-opened in February 2014.

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