Friday, November 8, 2013


Twelve two-bedroom units have been built at the Mendi General Hospital to ease staff housing problems.

Twelves nurses will soon be housed in new fully kitted homes built from a partnership between the hospital and the National Nurses Association.
The performance of nurses, has in some way, been affected by housing issues. One hospital has recognised this problem, and is taking steps to address it.

Mendi Hospital has partnered with the Nursing Association to build houses for its staff.

The National Nurses Association made K2 million available last year after a submission was put through by the CEO of the Hospital, Joseph Turian.

The money is part of K15 million kept for the nurses in trust since 2005.

The money was secured through the then Health Minister Peter Barter after two illegal strikes were staged by nurses within six months.

Nurses have also benefited from three awards which saw an increase in their base salaries, all received through their Union, the Nurses Association.

Ms Kaptigau says the safety and welfare of nurses are important, and it was important for nurses to live within the vicinity of the hospitals.

She said her office received proposals from 3 hospital CEOs and also made K2 million funding available to those hospitals, but nothing has been done yet.

The building contractor, a local firm, thanked the hospital for choosing them to build the building.

He said most times government departments overlooked the potential of local contractors and hired contractors from outside.

Cost for the architecture work was covered by the hospital.

Ms Kaptigau was impressed with the progress so far, and promised to assist the hospital in future projects when funding is available.

Nurses will pay low rentals to the association to support its ongoing work to build houses for nurses around the country..