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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Health workers in Gulf told to look outside of funding constraints

Health workers in Gulf Province should not use financial constraints as an excuse for not delivering efficient and effective health service, rather must manage this risk factor.
Deputy Gulf Provincial Administrator Policy Advisory and Economic Service Emanuel Xavier made this remarks at the closure of the second phase of the National Health Service Standard workshop recently in Kerema.
“We should not say money and funding all the time. Money is an issue but it is not “the “issue. Let us be managers. Risk management is one thing that you all must do.
“I always hear complains that there are no funds or the funds came in late and has been reduced. Are we new to this, it is time we stop complaining about funds and start managing risk.
“We have national chief clinicians coming here to train you; we have a very good and effective social corporate partner, Oil Search Foundation who has made this workshop possible. With all this given to support you, you must now take ownership and manage your risks. Find a way around doing things to produce positive outcome,” Mr Xavier said.
He added that the two workshops conducted has trained the workers to be managers and therefore they must put into practice what they have learnt.
Meanwhile Oil Search Foundation field supervisor Chris Taput reassured the Kikori District health workers of the Foundation continuous support for their health activities.“"As a Socially Responsible Cooperate citizen Oil Search thru the Oil Search Foundation will continue to support the strengthening of Gulf health systems. We funded the NHSS to improve service delivery and health outcomes for the people of the Gulf. Working in partnership is critical to achieving the National health plan objectives and goals.”. Taput added

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cancer survivor in PNG strives to assist cancer patients

Imagine if your doctor told you that you could no longer sit on a toilet bowl and relieve yourself because your digestive organs were are affected by cancer and need to be removed. While on that thought imagine again if your doctor went on further to tell you that instead he would create a hole on your stomach permanently as means to remove solid body waste? This was the fate of 15 years bowel cancer (Colorectal Cancer) survivor Mrs Janet Yaki from Southern Highlands Province who went all the way to Bangkok to receive this life saving surgery.
Mrs Yaki, the founder and interim president of Papua New Guinea Stoma Association was a speaker at a recent cancer fundraising event for the PNG Cancer Foundation. She spoke to a group of people especially young people who gathered for a video gaming event organized by the 675 Gaming to raise funds for PNG Cancer Foundation saying people living with cancer concerning the reproductive and digestive system are reluctant to speaking up because of shame and stigma and there is a need for more awareness in the country. Mrs Yaki works closely with Port Moresby General Hospital and other main hospitals in the country to supply specialised bags to stoma patients. Although she has less funding she says everyday is a gift to survive and appreciate the gift of life by helping others to survive too. PNGFM